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A Spine Tingle

On Monday the postman delivered the most exciting package. It was a copy of the latest Yarn bookazine from Scheepjes. For a yarnaholic, that’s exciting enough on its own, but seeing one of my own designs in print in front of me was double the thrill!


I knew that my cushion was going to be featured but I wasn’t expecting to see it on the front cover (there it is bottom right) and I was pleased as punch to see my stitches decorating the spine.


‘Yarn’ is a bi-annual publication with a different theme each time. We’ve had Sea, Midnight Garden, Dutch Masters and Tropical, in which my hummingbird ribbon embroidery tablet case was featured.


‘Woman’ is the theme of this new issue, celebrating the differences, similarities and roles of women, whatever their age, shape or size. I did enjoy reading the little snippets from the models and bloggers, telling of their own dreams and describing the women they admire.

The Inspiring Artist feature introduced me to Anne ten Donkelaar and her fascinating 3D landscapes constructed from pressed flowers and cut flower pictures pinned to the background.


Speaking of pins, as a supporter of long-lasting quality tools, Japanese Cohana glass head pins from the ‘Crafting Essentials’ pages are now on my wish list. Each sharp, smooth beautiful pin is handmade with a unique millefiori head.

Also the Cohana Shozaburo thread clippers with their dyed silk braided handles. My family will testify to the care I take looking after and labelling my various scissors. Woe betide anyone who borrows a pair and uses them for the wrong purpose!

Fourteen knitting and crochet patterns are included in the bookazine which is printed on lovely quality matt paper with a section at the back to write your own notes and collect inspiration.

There’s knitwear and accessories but homewear is really my thing. This heirloom tablecloth by Carmen Jorissen of New Leaf Designs is one of my favourites. I love this image and how the vintage style is updated by the fresh Irish green.


My ‘most likely to make’ is the Whispering Wind Chimes by Nerissa Muijs of MissNeriss. I can see them as lanterns strung from my apple tree on warm summer nights.


The photographers styled my cushion on pages 8 and 9 beautifully. It’s a very simple design worked on needlepoint canvas with a tapestry needle and Cahlista yarn.

Needlepoint Pillow

Up close you can see how just how easy the repetitive stitches are.  The colour change adds interest and the simple design shows off the texture of the surface.


Slow and repetitive can also be rhythmic and relaxing and it was a great project to complete over several evenings in front of a box set. Tapestry yarn can be expensive but if you get the right sized good quality canvas, there’s no reason not to have a go with your knitting yarn.


I worked on a tapestry frame and this stitch doesn’t distort the canvas much so it was easy to block.


I added an uhpolstery weight fabric to the back, inserted a cushion pad the same size as the stitched area and we were all done.


Simy Somer, the Creative Director at Yarn has a new creative challenge to work on a small needlepoint project with yarn from your Scheepjes stash. Why not give it a go? You can share your makes on Instagram and #simyschallenge.

Yarn bookazine, including back issues can be bought in the UK from Black Sheep Wools and Wool Warehouse. Other retailers can be found on the Scheepjes website.



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