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A Little Yarn Going A Long Way

You know when you nip to your local haberdashery for a bit of ribbon or something and come out with a few random extras that weren’t ‘on the list’? That’s what I did (again) a couple of weeks ago.  This yarn was just sitting there in a clearance bucket near the till looking so temptingly Christmassy. At £1 a ball, it didn’t conjure much guilt. By the time I’d got home I was convinced it was my mother-in-laws colour and I could make her something for Christmas with it and I was feeling almost saintly!

IMG_3465 (1)

On my recent trip to Yarndale I picked up this book of crochet shawl patterns and settled on the ‘Mile a Minute’ design. Despite the intricate looking edge it was deceptively easy, fast growing and used less that two balls. The yarn is quite an interesting mix of acrylic, polyester and hemp. It’s not so beautifully soft I would want to wear every day, but it is lovely and sparkly and ideal for the festive party season.

IMG_3461 (1)

The pattern was easy to follow and would be easy to adapt to a bigger size. It is definitely one I would try again. I hope she likes it too!

With a decent amount of yarn left I knitted a matching heart to decorate the wrapped present, using 4mm needles and two strands held together. I adapted the gingerbread heart pattern from one of my favourite little ‘Twenty to Make’ Books, Mini Christmas Knits by Sue Stratford.




By the time I’d finished that, there was still loads of yarn left. It was Christmas Jumper Day. I’m too slow a knitter to be making clothes but I made an exception for this little one! By the way, why are Christmas trees so bad at knitting?


Because they keep dropping the needles. Boom boom!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas xx

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